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Walk-in Closets

" New 2009 Brochure and  Manual"

is the very latest, totally flexible dressing room system from ‘Walkinwardrobestore.com’.

Why have an ordinary closet or closet when you can convert a whole room, or part of a room, into a dedicated closet that you can physically walk into?

With these walk in closets you have the opportunity to see all your clothes, shoes and dressing accessories on view, instantly, in one convenient place.

Customize modular closets

Based on a modular system, these walk in closets can be Customise  to suit your individual requirements.

With shelves, cupboards, and drawers, you can create the ideal clothes storage solution for you. Floor to ceiling, sliding doors are available so that, if you wish, you can close the closet off from the rest of the bedroom.

Strong open  closets

These walk in closets are beautiful pieces of Bedroom Furniture and will enhance any bedroom. Made from high quality materials and embodying beautiful Italian, bedroom Bedroom Furniture design, the sleek lines of these sturdy  built closets are emphasised by the clever and totally unique, concealed shelf support system.

This concealed support mechanism, combined with a lack of end panels, makes the shelves and the rest of the Bedroom Furniture look simplistic, elegant and graceful.

closet Accessories

Walk in closets are also available in three luxurious finishes.

Choose from Ferrara Oak [ Light ], Wenge [ Dark ], Natural Walnut [ Warm ],and Crema [ soft ], or if you wish, combine finishes to good effect. For example, you could compliment Crema [ soft ] back panels with contrasting Wenge [ Dark ], Natural Walnut [ Warm ],shelves, cupboards and drawers. Doors and drawer fronts are available with solid or glazed panels.

This means that not only can you achieve the ideal storage configuration for your needs, but also the ideal look too.

In fact the good looks of the Bedroom Furniture, combined with its multitude of accessories and modular flexibility, means that this Bedroom Furniture need not be restricted to the bedroom. The theme can be continued through into the hallway, dining room or even the living room

Closet Dressing Tables

Add  made to measure matching table to complete the bedroom walkin closet




60 minute makeover

12 reasons why a walkin is better

  1. More space
  2. Quicker to install.
  3. Modular and Practical
  4. Easy access
  5. Get organised
  6. No window blocking
  7. Increase property value.
  8. Less maintenance.
  9. Easy Self Install
  10. Fully Adjustable
  11. Affordable
  12. Stain resistant